Locksmith widget by Sendit is quickly gaining popularity in the social networking arena. It uses new technology by Apple to provide lock screens starting from iOS 16. The app is a messenger for your lock screens where you can send little lock screen notes to your friends, making it faster and more convenient.

To get started with Locksmith Widget, you need to create an account with your phone number. Some users have reported a common bug where the confirmation code does not arrive. If that happens, you can wait 10 minutes and tap resend code, try a different phone number, or update the app. The app is only available on iOS, not Android.

Once you have created an account, you need to add friends to it. To add your partner or friend, tap on the plus sign in the bottom right corner. You can invite people by text or search people from your contacts. To access these features, you need to give access to your iPhone contacts and send an invitation.

Next, you need to add the Locksmith widget to your lock screen. Long press your lock screen, tap customize, add widget, and select locksmith. Place your widget, and you're done.

The minimalistic widget is perfect for Gen Z users who prefer a more natural and fun way to communicate with their friends. They can instantly see on their lock screens that their friends sent a message.

Locksmith Widget offers a variety of features. For example, if you add five friends, you unlock all of the features. You can send bulk messages to up to five people at once. You can change the border color of your widget or customize your widget. You can also see your message history, change the app icon, change the widget design, unlink your partner, block your partner, delete your account, and much more.

Locksmith Widget is a promising app that could get more features and attention as lock widgets become increasingly popular. Its fast and convenient feature of sending messages through your lock screen instead of unlocking your screen, going to the app, and opening the chat can save you a lot of time.

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