Logo Maker Shop app full overview & how to use

is this interesting app called logo maker shot Creator where you create logger fingertips just on your iPhone so of course like professional logo design is such a complicated process you need to hire agency or you need to be like a professional designer yourself but sometimes if uh if you just want to quickly design a logo for your you know side project for your some school project or something like that and yeah of course you can use canva or some of these popular tools but it's also nice to just use it from your from your phone and that's the app and let's just check it out like how it might work a customized design not design skills required you can create stunning designs with a few tabs but using 6000 plus Graphics 200 plus uh yeah so there you have it you can allow notifications all the standard stuff each industry I am most interested in so for example and then you can see instantly like business loggers add graphics so here you can just add this graphic like that text and then I just uh or you can just I don't know so here you can just uh and yeah like you can see it's kind of pretty easy already uh which is a really nice templates you can select uh image field which image you want to uh to select whatever uh just like an example okay and texture you can add all these different textures opacity background background image or Texture so you can add something like this um and then if I just want to add it from like unsplash or I don't know free ornaments he already have three ornaments that you have in canva but seems not that many so yeah but still it kind of feels very easy to play with this app and just like you know I'm just following you through the process what you can do here uh so background yeah and just for example we have this surfing dogs and cats shop uh and then yeah here you can just download it already and it's available also in a free version so if I just tap save I can give access to my photos and then it's just being saved and then for example this can be my logger already and you yeah you can see uh that's what you can do of course it's uh just I was just playing around but you can see some really nice templates here and I'll just focused on the logos and some of them are actually of course they are like very standard but this app is in top charts of the App Store and you can use this app just for starters if you don't want to spend like you know tens thousands of dollars in some like super fancy logo or even like you know if you want to get some logo from Fiverr place the quality won't be that much better if you spend like 20 bucks on Logo um probably a lot of the Freelancers are just doing doing using the apps like this and so you can also do it yourself so here you have all the different categories like education loggers accommodation loggers YouTube channel art so you can just use it as well for to customize your branding personal branding logos or account logos poster flyer so that's what you can do here a straw animal and Pad initials so all the different categories it's like endless categories here um which you can try out and then there is a pro version monthly 99 per month so yearly 39.99 per year uh so yeah you will have all these Graphics which were super limited actually two thousand plus logo templates premium fonts and backgrounds so yeah it just depends if you constantly need logos probably you need yearly monthly plan if you just for example working on some final project in your school or Boot Camp or anything like that maybe you can just upgrade to weekly and if you just need one logo and then just Design This One logo in a week and pay five bucks or something like that so yeah super interesting app and also you can do business cards posters and then of course like Instagrams and all of that there is your work saved here so it's pretty powerful and you can do it everything just from your phone you don't need to um you know to open your laptop get some Mac Pro and stuff like that just for a simple logo um so there you have it uh that's basically the app here you can see also some YouTube channel art for example if you if you want to design some uh YouTube thumbnails or something like that uh where yeah you can just create some interesting interesting logos just from here so yeah that's basically that of course of course there is canvas there is photoshops there are so many other tools but it's always good just to try out um different apps and I think this is a great app as I said this in the top charts so yeah anyhow also visit subscribe to my YouTube channel leave some additional questions and comments under this video uh put some more likes I need just yeah it's super easy just to put a like on this video so more creators can can discover this this cool app and yeah the more likes you're putting the the better reach this video will have so it's like pretty important for me and yeah so thank you guys for watching uh hope to see you in the next videos I also did like a few videos about different widget app icon apps and all of that so check those out

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