In the Looksmax AI app, users can access their invite code by navigating to the top right corner and selecting the "Invite Code" option. By sharing this unique invite code, users can redeem special rewards within the app. However, recent updates to the app have made the invite code feature less essential, as users can now receive a free Looksmax scan daily without the need to invite friends. This updated policy allows users to utilize the Looksmax AI app more freely and without the previous restrictions.

Previously, users were required to invite three friends in order to access certain features within the app. With the recent changes, users can now enjoy a free Looksmax scan once a day, offering a limited but still valuable experience at no cost. This shift in policy reflects Looksmax AI's commitment to improving user experience and accessibility within the app.

Overall, the changes to the invite code system in the Looksmax AI app showcase the platform's evolution towards providing more inclusive and user-friendly features. By offering a daily free scan and eliminating the need for invite code redemption, Looksmax AI aims to streamline the user experience and enhance overall satisfaction for its growing user base.

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