LooksMax ai - skip the wait by using boosts

The LooksMax AI app offers a unique feature that allows users to skip the wait time by utilizing boosts. If you have reached your daily limit for results, you can leverage a boost to unlock them instantly. Simply tap to get the boost and unlock your results.

Within the app, users can access and unlock boosts easily. This feature adds convenience to the user experience, enabling quicker access to desired results. For those who may not be aware, LooksMax AI app can be utilized for free. However, for individuals seeking to obtain a second result per day, purchasing boosts is necessary.

To showcase this process, users can follow these steps:

  1. Take a photo using the app.
  2. Purchase boosts to unlock additional results.

This functionality streamlines the user journey, providing a seamless way to enhance and expedite the usage of the LooksMax AI app.

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