Loopring LRC crypto - what is it? Can you buy on Coinbase?

hey everyone so let's talk about loop ring so le print price up 22 percent uh more gamestop rumors surface i'm showing a great recovery from the beer trap there was some astronomical price gained last week uh so it's traded under lrc uh what's luprin so luprine runs on the ethereum blockchain that allows users to trade assets across a variety of exchanges it's not a decentralized extension in of itself but it allows users to trade assets without depositing funds to an exchange blueprint is an ethereum zk or a lab protocol a large solution for securely scaling ethereum and building high performance non-custodial exchanges and private application [Music] as gmt reported last week a lincoln loop ring did have code reveal a potential partnership bringing with gamestop so yeah um so there you have it like you decide should you invest in it or not um like what what do you see don't have a lot of insight actually about loop ring so feel free to add it in the comments just like to discuss what do you think makes sense here so nice so let's just go here so as you can see it's it's going up like just today and yeah it's it's run up quite significantly um so and then yeah you can buy lubrin on on coinbase blueprint is an ethereum token that describes itself as an open sourced audited and non-custodial exchange protocol it aims to allow anyone to build on custodial order book based exchanges on ethereum by leveraging zero knowledge proofs so that's that [Music] and it performed pretty well from last year um typical whole time just five days and then you can see popularity um [Music] so there you have it a little green surge is 40 so there you have it that's so you decide yeah you can buy it on on coinbase

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