LoopYa - face aging editor - app overview

here's lupio app fades face agent editor so you can just tap get and download it for your device so then you can just use touch id or facebook to install and the idea of uh yeah you can use this app for ai cartoon effects eye prediction stickers and stand out templates are all done with one click level office are static effects uh so interesting edge prediction choose a selfie to see different useful effects very fun retrieves the appearance of childhood predicts the appearance of old age skin hair color face shape iii cartoon effects multiple cartoon effects after yeah selfie standout templates so yeah and then there are of course like subscriptions so this app uh i think it has like free option but it also has like a subscriptions so yeah let's just open it up and see what happens and then uh yeah there are these ads as well and then obviously it's just asking you to to upgrade which is pretty expensive like 17.99 per month and then uh yeah you can also enable trial um i'm just trying to see if it's possible even to use some very limited version for free here okay it again redirects me to some other ads so yeah there you have it so you can use cartoon face you can use some templates you can use some edge prediction you can see the correct case so like no small face and face should be clearly seen and no reflective glasses so then i can just basically select oops and then i can just select some photo and then i can just sear it and then i can just use some of the filters movie so yeah something like that but i made this song on my phone in two minutes i can i'll just try it like again why it's not working and then yeah okay so now to ch prediction you see that you can predict agent from 10 15 20 30 40 60 80 but every time you will need to upgrade because it shows this pro notification where you will need to upgrade so that's basically how it is yeah and then you just need to unlock and then you need to upgrade however you can still upgrade for 4.99 so that's what you can do um three days free trial cancel any time or monthly for 17.99 yeah so that's the idea what you can do and yeah unfortunately there is no not much i made this song on my phone in two minutes that's what it is a lot of apps here they just charge and they have right to do so and there are all these templates which you can see and try uh tourists like film live templates or digital templates or artistic templates and there are you can edit photos you can add agent you can add cartoons there are settings yeah so something around that try out this app there are so many this cartoon ai cartoon apps this is one of them so hope this is helpful

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