Magir app - AI ART generator - overview

Introducing the Magir app - AI ART generator. Have you ever wanted to effortlessly transform your linguistic expressions into mesmerizing digital masterpieces? Look no further than the Magir app. With its enchanting features, this app allows you to immerse yourself in a world where ideas transmute into vibrant realities.

Currently ranked in the top 200 graphic and design apps on the US App Store, the Magir app has already caught the attention of many users. However, it seems that the app is still in need of more ratings to solidify its reputation. Nevertheless, let's explore what it has to offer.

Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a request for notifications. Once you grant permission and continue, the app immediately presents an upgrade option for $5 per week, $20 per year, or a lifetime subscription for $40. These prices seem quite reasonable, especially considering the possibilities available with the upgraded version.

The app provides various prompts to assist in generating your desired art. For a seamless experience, easy prompts are available. However, if you wish to delve deeper, the app offers advanced options such as adding negative prompts, incorporating images, selecting the size and aspect ratio, although these features require an upgrade.

Additionally, the Magir app allows you to surprise yourself by generating random prompts, resulting in unique creations each time. The generated art appears before your eyes, providing a captivating experience.

While the free version of the app is limited, users can still tap to generate more art without any further cost. For those seeking higher resolution output, an upgrade is necessary. With the upgraded version, users can unlock the ability to edit prompts and obtain high-definition images.

For convenience, the download option in the top right corner allows users to save their creations directly to their camera roll. Furthermore, the app provides an AI box feature, enabling users to generate images in batches and even replace objects. However, it is worth noting that most of the AI avatar options require a pro subscription.

In conclusion, the Magir app offers a unique and intriguing experience for users looking to explore the world of AI-generated art. With its enchanting features and reasonable pricing, the app presents an opportunity to unleash your creativity. While certain functionalities require an upgrade, the free version still provides a taste of what this app has to offer. Give the Magir app a try and transform your ideas into captivating digital masterpieces.

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