Marcus by Goldman Sachs - app preview

here's an app called Marcus by Goldman Sachs so how to install it on iPhone just double click and you will be able to install this app it offers personal finance tools to help you save borrow and invest grow your money with a high yield online service account high yield CDs and no penalty series automate your investing with Marcus invest and you can connect thousands of financial institutions to Marcus insights so you can grow and manage your savings automate your investing earn rewards to Awards towards a GM vehicle so yeah saving Landing investing insights high yield online savings managed Investment Portfolio so yeah obviously it's enough from Goldman Sachs so if you're connected with Goldman Sachs in any way maybe you can try out this app built on over 150 years of financial expertise um another start with markers so you just select the product you're interested in so and then you can just open an account uh like that but of course seems it's not possible to open an account like that you just need to call them um usually you want to grow your savings then again you just need to call and set up your account like that it's not automated in the app usually in all this finance app um it's not so easy to do it so yeah there you have it that's just a quick preview how you can open it up

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