Mastodon for iPhone - quick preview & how to use

um so here's Mastodon app just a quick preview if you've never seen it before um just like the interface so the first step is just where you see accounts which you follow the second tab is just the search tab basically like a discovery feed on Twitter yeah it's a bit unusual because on Twitter you would just have all these popular posts which are here in the search button you will just have have them on home but in Mastodon it's kind of vice versa so you for yeah uh yeah it just depends you can only see people who you follow on the first tab that you can just go to any account this is how it looks like you can follow um you can see pause pause and replies media and about you can share you can mute blog uh all of that so you can see here um hashtags then you can just follow by hashtags you can see some popular hashtags there aren't like you see like millions of people here it's uh uh it's not that uh but yeah uh that's basically the idea and the core core difference of Mastodon is that's like it's open source it's not controlled by some huge company or something and then you can create your own servers here so this is your account you can tap on gear icon top right so you can see um all the settings and then you need to sign in online to Mastodon to to create uh to delete or create an account here you can post a new uh text so there are polls there are images emojis uh there's you can add a warning you can change privacy so kind of everything is similar I think the app itself is a bit is a bit limited because you can do a lot of stuff actually online in the um yep sorry I was just researching here um so here is the app it's kind of similar to Discord where you can create all these um servers then you can just follow people and I'm already logged in here with my account um so that's that I can see notifications then I can see local timeline I can see Federated timeline direct messages favorites lists bookmarks jira icons uh Advanced and which um so does that yeah it kind of it looks a bit similar um and then here you just have this account so that's basically how it looks like um yeah so something around it it's kind of like a one of alternatives for Twitter but as you can see a lot of people just can't figure out this interface it's yeah I must say it's a bit confusing um in the first but then probably you just got used to it probably as similar as it was with Discord in the beginning some users like all the users didn't understand it but now in in the time you kind of start to get it um so here it is um does that uh hope this is helpful um this is one of the servers which you can see but because this app is open source um you can actually create many other servers yourself and basically I think you can like create your own social network using this open source code yourself so it's kind of pretty cool maybe it's the future but that's it if you have any other comments questions around it I'm also just exploring the app just leave it just leave it below the video Let's explore the app together

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