MathMaster Photo Math Solver FULL OVERVIEW

hello everyone so here's an app called massmaster photo mess solver um so yeah it's one of the top apps to help you out with solving Mass issues Mass problems yeah either while you're starting or doing your homework uh anything like that mask Master helps to do the math for you just use your camera snap a picture from as problem loading image and get the right answer on your screen if you need to get better understanding you can also just click on the explanation a more detail technician these apps are like super handy especially before like exams all of that um and it's just like super handy because sometimes if you have like super complicated equation you just have no idea what's happening there and then you just want some tip or like how to solve it and just to have an example for future equations and uh yeah um like if you want to then to use like a normal Google you need to type it yourself and it's like it's super hard actually so if you have like multi like uh houses a multi-level equation it's how do you gonna like type it in Google like you know it's even that's like complicated uh so these apps are super super handy uh so [Music] um yeah so that's basically the process how it looks like to create an account here and I just want to demonstrate you what this app can do uh so instantly you here you can uh yeah become a premium user so there is 9.99 per week three months is 39.99 one year for 69.99 so this app is actually not that cheap yet but yeah uh then if you have a free trial you also can enable three-day free trial for that um can allow notifications and then here is basically how it looks like uh yeah you can just create a new task and then you can just snap a pic of the of it so for example I want to access the camera and for example I just want to know what's the square root of this is like some easy questions and then yeah I can change it out you can make it so it's like easier to to see and then add description attach Mass problem and send task what type of solution do you need do you need like step-by-step explanation or just only answer so we can do that of course then you will need I guess like credits or payments or something like that to uh to get it properly solved like um yeah I guess that's how this app is just being monetized so you will need to have some Quant or something like that and then yeah so here's your new task you're already solving it 'll come to the chances solution will be right here there will be an expert and then once successfully solved task one coin so there you have it so you need to have uh at least one coin uh available uh yeah so here I can just see some updates already in the task I send oops something is happening something is happening here so show solution and then yeah unfortunately you need to either be on a free trial or have some coins so coins and why the friend get five free Solutions so here for example um you can invite friends that's alternative way to get these coins so feel free to use my code ITF d uh WK so yeah just uh use this code to to invite friends so for example this is how it can look like so yeah that's basically the idea unfortunately yeah you see it you don't even have like one free solution you will need to upgrade the eventual in this app so yeah that's what it is at the moment and uh that's how it looks like I'm not sure if these people are real expert or they're just AI Bots it can be anything it might be in more complex tasks because I really have a real experts but not some easy tasks and stuff like that so again you can just look at the pricing available here so it's like my 99 per week or there is like three uh like free trial as well so you can have that um and then the scan then there is your profile so my account is automatically created but I actually I didn't even create an account and then there is also like a discover tab where you can find all of these Solutions you can have all these like expert like all these chats and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea of the apps or it's like extensive knowledge bias find the problem solution formula sheets so you can have all this like arithmetic operations available so it's like pretty handy like for geometry uh for Mass study guide Mass blog which you can read here exam tips quiz so yeah you can then also do some quizzes for yourself and just uh yeah check that out and yeah again you can just invite a friend and get some free Solutions um so yeah that's basically the idea of the app yeah I don't know like you just need to go out and try it out this app I think it was just recently appearing in the top charts of the app store because there are so many apps aren't like solving Mass issues and this is just one of those I think it's pretty good app it's like a bit disappointed that they don't offer even like one or like two three like free Solutions so you can just get an idea how this app is actually working and all of that uh but anyhow that's the idea we hope you found this app helpful thank you for watching like this video so more students can Discover it and let's meet up in future videos

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