Me+ Daily Routine Planner - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hey everyone so here is an app called me plus daily routine planner um let's just go through this app and uh yeah let's just explore it and get a more organized life and stay disciplined search your day and make calls achievable we also happiness Seekers you can see here some reviews and then here is just an onboarding process how you can create an account and how you can get started with this app so let's just go through it together hi tell us about you how long to usually sleep at night so you can just select this how long do you usually need to get up from bad just depends how do you feel the energy um so here you can see and then build good habits based on Behavioral Science motivation control a good direct system Energy System can do that how do you want yourself to be about for a better life and what influenced you to become organized um and then yeah for example you can see before an organized day unfinished calls bad habits anxiety and depression and why other people's life after structured day goals achieved healthy habits mindfulness brand new life uh so here you just have that um how easier are you to distract easily distracted sometimes lose focus rarely lose focus or yes so you can just see it uh like this do you often procrastinate I usually keep up here I procrastinate from time to time so then you can see and these apps just cries to create your personal Journey so it's quite interesting app um yeah where you can Discover it uh and then I guess it will just offer me some upgrade functionality to upgrade here um and then of course there are seven day free trial and what is that so 12 months seven day free trial but 39.99 per year you can also select one month and instantly you need to upgrade or a popular uh three months so here you have that but I just want to to start over like uh use a free option you can also just start with the free option it's good because yeah sometimes you can start like that so here's your routine you can just add some good habits you can add some Italy morning time you can set for example okay I want to do some morning yoga I want to repeat it any time of one morning for example tag and then I just want to add it and then this habit is being added then I want to add like healthy breakfast repeat one in the morning I'm just doing it here so coffee brush this and then just add it so that's basically the idea and then for example in this morning I have these three habits so I have like a breakfast brushed my teeth I didn't do yoga for example and then yeah that's what you can do um like then then you have like this templates already uh which you can add to your routine change these clean fence three parking floors change and then yeah Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday and then you can just continue to do that then there is Library you can use customizable widgets to personalize your home screen and lock screen so you can add a widget which is pretty cool so you can just do it here since you receive your profile which you can add and you can just go through your profile basically you just see all of that all of the activities I think in the one day you can see perfect dice you can see past streaks where you did I guess all the activities during that day have it done total overall right 66 percent monthly rate so basically you just add all of these routines to your day and it's like in a calendar so you can think about it there is a work calendar where you have all your meetings and all of that and this is just like your routine calendar where you're adding all your routines and all of the daily activities uh yeah in one place so you can also do that and then just following them by checking them off by completing them actually you can structure and organize your life really really well like it can seem like a super simple thing to do but actually it might work so try that um and this is like this app is just like a helpful routine calendar to to organize so every day live um then you also have some different sections you have motivation you have healthy foods just some cards here which you can see some easy workouts a lot of this stuff is just um locked so you will need to upgrade but sometimes even you can you can rotate here and then just get some nice deals and these apps really want you to upgrade to the yearly deal and as you can see yay I want a jackpot so yeah basically if you really want to try out this app they will offer you a lot of discounts to try out so yeah you can just try it out yeah and then get your self-care like a lot of these things but the the whole idea of it is that it's just about organizing your daily routine a super simple idea you have this calendar and then you just add in all of these activities into your calendar um and that's that's how it works and then if you need to help with some activity you added meditations or meditation classes here you add the joke as there is some yoga content you added exercise there are some exercises uh in the app which you can try out and yeah you can just go through all of these uh good habits and select shows like like that um and it can be really helpful for you and it's really a nice idea to try out this app definitely so that's basically what it is you can always leave some feedback uh the idea of the app is super simple but as you can see uh it's kind of quite powerful um and that's what it is um hope that is helpful just a quick overview to try out this app

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