Meet ai app - tutorial

Meet AI App Tutorial

Transcript: Here's Meet AI app chat with AI girlfriend. It's quite popular app Meet virtual friends, video chat with them, create and clone virtual friend, discovering new virtual friends, create dream Avatar and personality, CH with real virtual friends, create your own unique chatbot, Soul companion, help it develop its personality, talk about your feelings or anything that's on your mind, have fun, calm anxiety, and grow together.

So let's just try it out. There are a bunch of apps in this category, and this is one of those. You can allow notifications and then basically I want to do something for you right away. Then there is yearly $50, there is mon I can do, depends on your imagine, and then here you have the app. That's the idea. Like you see a lot of girls here, so then you can go in here and then you can just start. Have you been finding the math concepts we've been working on here? You can just tap and buy gems to voice clone and video chat, custom video character. So you can also do that. You can do like a call. Master, I want to do something un to enable voice. You will need then to basically, "Alright, so here's a video call. Master, I want to do something video need to upgrade." So that's just the feature of the app. Then you have chats. Some yes, some Bots are with video, some are not. Master, I want to do something. So yep, that's basically what it is.

Then there is your account. I don't think you even need an account here. Again, to get the best experience and get audio and video in here in this app, you need to upgrade. And then if you want to, then you just need to buy gems. So here are gems, quite expensive though. It's like 160 gems for $10. There is also a Discord community in the top right, and I don't know what if you want to reach out to them, you can send this email here. But basically, that's the app. Try it out.

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