Memix - chat with memes - full app overview

so here's some overview of the app called my mix chat with memes so let's just open it up so here I open up this app and yeah basically if you just tap here you can just write some text and then it will just appear in this meme so that's basically the point of this app uh and yeah it's not it's not create and some AI memes or something like that yeah no you just you just can write a text here and then it will organically appear in the in the meme in the video so and yeah it looks like it the immune was almost designed like that so that's kind of pretty cool and you have all these like uh holidays World Cup and so for example here you can just write some Meme and then you can just design those so something like that and as you can see the text is applied to release in smart way so it's not just like you know some unorganic beer stuff no it's it looks very organic and yeah so that's basically the idea um uh yeah so you can kind of create your own memes but again you're not creating videos or images you just add in some texts here and then you can just when you created those then you can just tap and share it on Reddit on everyone on tick tock on Snapchat um and that's basically it it's also possible to add this app in iMessage um so yeah just add it in iMessage and from there you will be able to uh yeah to add it to as iMessage app and just then just use it so that's basically the idea uh cool new interesting app you don't need an account uh yeah it just works nice and try it out

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