Messenger app still shows active notifications even after your replied to a chat

The messenger app has been a popular choice for many individuals for its seamless communication features. However, a recent issue has come to light regarding the app's notification system. Despite replying to a chat or ending a video call, the app still displays active notifications. This discrepancy has left users puzzled and seeking answers about the functionality of the app.

In a video transcript shared by a user, they expressed their confusion about the messenger app's notification behavior. They explained that even after engaging in a video chat or completing a chat session, the app continues to show active notifications with a numerical badge. This occurs even when the chat has been opened or concluded. The user finds this behavior peculiar and wonders whether it is a bug or intentional design.

The user further elaborated on their experience, providing an example of a situation where they initiated a video call. After ending the call, they noticed a persistent red notification icon. Upon checking the chat, the user discovered that the video call had indeed concluded. This inconsistency in the notification system has left them perplexed and seeking clarification.

While the user has shared their concern and confusion, they also expressed a desire for suggestions to address the issue. They seek a better understanding of the functionality of the messenger app's notification system and hope for a resolution to avoid any unnecessary confusion or frustration.

In conclusion, the messenger app currently exhibits a peculiar behavior concerning its notification system. Active notifications continue to be displayed even after chats are replied to or video calls are finished. It remains unclear whether this is an intended feature or an inadvertent bug in the app's design. Users have expressed their confusion and seek clarification and suggestions to address this issue effectively. As the development team behind the messenger app continues to improve and enhance the user experience, it is hoped that they will provide a resolution or explanation for this perplexing notification behavior.

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