Meta Quest app - quick preview & how to use

so here's quick preview of matter Quest app what is this app this is basically like a Marketplace or like go to point for uh Facebook Mata VR devices and headsets uh just uh yeah you can browse and buy VR games apps and experience from the mataquest store if you own mataquest VR device otherwise this app is really not that useful so you can remotely install VR apps uh you can resolve your virtual set for Live Events virtual seed find friends in VR get notifications managed monetary automatic Quest devices you can cast VR to TV you can track your VR workouts all of that so yeah if you have a matter Quest VR headset one of those uh you definitely need this app formerly it was called Oculus but now I think they just did like rebranding so yeah you create your account just with by logging in with your Facebook account and then you can just connect your Instagram and all of that um so here you can see your latest activity you can edit your avatar in VR and of course you need to connect one of devices to to this app so you can connect Quest question and Quest Pro or Rift Rift as in quest resulting go so these are all the devices you can connect here then uh that basically is like a market plus like a Google Play store or iOS App Store with all the apps which are super cool for VR so here you can see some games different experiences all of that if you actually tried like a Mata Quest it's it's pretty cool uh I think it's still still in the early stages because you you know some people don't understand it you need to wear it it can be quite heavy or can it be take some time to set up but if you really try one of those newer devices it's it's I tried one I was awesome on some like uh Tech conference and I just was you know trying it out in meta uh boost or something like that it's it's pretty cool and yeah it's getting much more advanced like the graphics everything with these apps it's it's becoming really cool so it's a great experience also you can watch like you know you can watch live geek live concert here in in VR which is amazing you can see some series you can see some apps uh Prime video we are multiplayer apps all of that so all then you can see some details some updates uh so then I don't know what this is like recorded casts so you can record and store your cast here then also this app is is like a uh social media so you can search for apps but you can also search for people and then you can just follow follow people from here you can request them you can block a report you can chat um so it's kind of like a VR Facebook as well um so then like you have store tab where you have games apps entertainment and wishlist and then you just kind of have a gallery or you can share your VR experience it's kind of like Instagram so capture casting moments record videos and capture pictures while you are casting and then you just have menu in bottom right here you have all the events in white links people challenges uh here yeah again you have your own profile then you have just settings account settings you can delete your data um so and then account Center where I I hope you can just delete your account easily from here but meta account Center basically connects all your accounts Facebook Instagram and meta Quest so then you can just go to accounts and then uh yeah uh so yeah from here you can remove an account you'll also remove any profiles managed by that account so there you have it uh so this just like a quick overview of the app what you can expect from it uh just to have to help you navigate through it of course probably it will evolve a lot I think previously this app was called Oculus now it was just rebranded to my attack quest uh right now during holidays this app is in the top charts in in US App Store so definitely great app so try it out

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