MetaTrader 4 app - quick overview

metatrader4 app it's constantly in the top charts of Finance so how to install it on iPhone so just tap get and then you will be able to install it confirm with a touchy device ID and then yeah this is the app to connect to hundreds of Brokers and trade on currency markets from metatrader45 on iPad the mobile trading platform allows you to perform trading operations and analyze currency quotes using technical indicators and graphical objects our programs might involve real trading with a high risk of losing money rapidly most retail investor accounts lose money when trading Financial products just need to read all of this and then you can just discover here a real-time quotes of the financial symbols full-fledged technical analysis financial news complete trading history that's what you can discover here and then let's just open the app by The wiseries Meta Trader 5 app so yeah here for example you can just see quotes in the simple view you can see Advanced View uh uh you can just go here you can see the chart um then there is trade then there is history then there are settings so this is I'm just in a demo account if you want to create a new account um use your login password to connect to the broker of your choice uh and then here you can just I don't know can find a broker and then have login password and then sign in like that of course I'm just in a demo account but if I think you can use your real broker account here and it's pretty powerful app so then yeah you can also check out some news and categories you can see some mailbox some charts change the types of it change it be the design the app is like very minimalistic and it's overview um so yeah that's basically an idea uh you can edit all of this so yeah hope that is helpful

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