MetaTrader 5 app - quick overview

everyone how to install metatrader5 app on iPhone so let's just do it and let's see what this app is around is about so you can see it's in top charts in finance and then yeah you can use this app for iPhone and iPad for trading you can analyze markets perform demo trays connect to Brokers for light trading view the history of trading operations so yeah here you can see some real-time quotes full set of trade orders depths of Market level two all types of trade execution complete threading history I'm not that much of trading I'm just describing apps but seems like an interesting app just for iPhone where you can just see you know some instruments for yeah for you just to discover maybe you are using some other app but yeah here you can just open gamma account and here is just like a demo where you can just see how like the currencies uh like U.S dollar with Chinese Yuan you can see trading you can buy and sell uh uh you can see chart here you can zoom in zoom out and then you can just go like that and then you can see the trade you can see history then you can just see settings uh uh yeah so something like that then you can see quotes uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can play with charts pretty Advanced chart for the app I'm not like um yeah so here you can just add some objects so so there you have it so something like that and then you have settings and then you can see more settings this is just like a demo account so you can do real trades here but then you can open new account and then uh yeah you can see chat messages and then there's settings so yeah I think this is just like an app uh just like a demo app but it's pretty powerful for you to discover uh and it has a lot of rating 17 000 ratings pretty high in the charts the finance so try it out

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