Mico - Aesthetic Screen Maker app overview

Here's an interesting app called Miko Aesthetic Screen Maker. Let's install it and see how it works. This app offers a variety of features such as widget icons, themes, wallpapers, and more. Similar to other apps in this category, Miko allows users to customize their mobile fonts, home screen widgets, and even offers high-definition 3D depth of field wallpapers to create a personalized home screen.

Upon opening the app, users can explore its various features, such as low screen widgets and deep effect wallpapers. Miko also provides settings options and plenty of pop-ups to enhance the user experience. Additionally, users can install virtual pads and choose from different hot widgets.

To get started, you can install various photo widgets, like GIFs, by simply saving the widget. Adding widgets to your home screen is a straightforward process; just tap and hold, and the widget will be saved as a low screen widget. However, it's worth noting that low screen widgets are only available for iOS 16 or later, and you need to have at least an iPhone 8 or newer device.

Miko offers a wide collection of widgets, including features like quick launchers, icons, and text. Furthermore, there is a "Funny Island" section, where users can explore activity widgets. However, it's important to note that these features are only available for iOS 16 or later.

The app also provides a variety of wallpapers, allowing users to further personalize their home screens. Whether you prefer rectangle or home screen widgets, Miko has options for both. To add them, simply tap the "Add" button and select the desired widget. For customization, go to settings, wallpaper, and customize to add widgets.

One downside of the free version of Miko is the presence of ads. Users will be required to watch ads in order to install certain home screen widgets. If you plan to use this app frequently, it might be worth considering an upgrade. There is a lifetime VIP option for only $10, which is relatively affordable. Alternatively, you can opt for the zero-cost seven-day free trial or the yearly membership for $7.

Installing the widgets is a relatively simple process. Once you tap and hold the "+" button, you can search for Miko and select the desired widget. After tapping "Done" and selecting "Edit Widget," you can choose the widget you want to install. Similarly, for low screen widgets, go to settings, wallpaper, customize, and select "Add Widget." Search for the Miko app, choose the rectangular or round widget, and tap "Done" in the top right corner. With these steps, the widgets will be successfully installed.

Overall, Miko Aesthetic Screen Maker offers a range of customization options for iOS users looking to personalize their home screens. While it does have some limitations in the free version, those looking for an ad-free experience and additional features can consider the various paid options. Give it a try and see if Miko is the right fit for your home screen customization needs.

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