Microsoft 365 (Office) - quick app overview

hey everyone what is Microsoft 365 app so you can see it has 430k ratings um yeah so let's just install it so um you can see it's also included in standard apps it's the ultimate everyday productivity app that helps you create edit and share on the go with what excellent PowerPoint all in one app is a destination for creating and editing documents in the flag when you need the most easy to drop the Block in word manager budget in Excel or practice your next business pitching PowerPoint so yeah this intelligent cloud services and trusted Securities Microsoft 365 app can help maximize your productivity in both work and live so here you have that uh so basically you have a lot of these apps just combined into one uh our all everyday Tools in one app create edit and share uh and then you can just allow notifications then you can also have a premium you can have some Advanced security more together so it's like all the apps combined into this one app and of course this in the cloud so you can share it you can quickly edit it um yeah so Terry Howard um the office app is not the Microsoft 365 app and now you have all these recent documents so then you can just create either reward Excel PowerPoint PDF or forms so if I want to create a just Excel document I can just easily create it here then I can see share documents and I can pin documents and there is some video files here you I can just add some more tags like that and then I'll just see it here so basically it seems It's like just like a Google Drive app for the Microsoft products so instead of you know using Google Drive you're just using this like cloud storage and then uh you you just have all of these app apps which you can access here um you can go premium from here if you want to so 6.99 per month for one person 9.99 for two six people and there is one month free trial um so yeah there you have it yeah there is there are all of these additional apps like you can sign a PDF scan to PDF pictures to PDF document to PDF image to text image to typo scan QR code create a form so for example if I just want to create a form just easily do it from the app and then I just can add a new form easily and then just like whatever so yeah I think it's one of the alternatives to to Google Drive uh I didn't even know that Microsoft didn't have this kind of app where you can just organize this and then you can see there is one drive there is files app there is you can store it on your phone you can add some additional storage account you can add box like my files net documents share file uh all of this additional things you can you can add them here uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh uh we capture voice you can also like I don't know record your voice um scan documents add notes uh and then you just have a note here so yeah something like that so that's the app just what you can expect from it I'm not on a paid Microsoft subscription so you can access this interface even if you just have a free Microsoft account so I just have free Microsoft account as that's it however I think there will be some limitations what you can do not sure if you can actually save your files if you if you're just on the free version uh and then yeah you can just do it like this uh so yeah that's pretty Advanced and then you can just use Excel and it's pretty cool I guess it's just better words also on your iPhones or like on the phones with bigger screens because you know it can be quite hard to manage it on the on the smaller devices but still you can do some basic operations and then you can add some basic formulas you can add some filtering um some additional views so it's definitely a cool thing to uh to have just this on on your fingertips on your phone instead of you know opening laptop and it's pretty convenient you can just do some quick scenes while you are commuting or traveling and all of that instead of you know just opening laptop and all of that so yeah I hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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