Microsoft Teams Premium with ChatGPT - what is it? Preview

so Microsoft team Microsoft just launched Microsoft team version powered by chat GPT at just seven dollars per month and yeah you can just if you upgrade you can generate automatic meeting notes AI recommended tasks personalized meeting templates and a lot more so it's kind of really cool feature so as you can see here this app can just generate like after the meeting you will instantly have your meeting notes and then you will have this like AI notes tab uh suggested no suggested tasks personalized meeting templates and a lot more um it can generate a email template from your meeting invite and all of that so it's like pretty cool uh just recently Microsoft invested a lot in open AI chat GPT um and Microsoft teams premium is generally available built on the familiar all-in-one collaborative experience of Microsoft teams teams premium brings the latest Technologies including large language models powered by open AI GPT 3.5 to make meetings more intelligent personalized and protected so yeah so yeah now you can just upgrade to Microsoft teams premium and it has this integration with

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