MileIQ - Mileage Tracker app - quick tutorial

pure smile IQ mileage tracker and login app so just open it up and yeah this is one of the top apps to track miles whether you need them for IRS for your work some other purpose and it's very convenient it automatically tracks your driving miles so here you can you just need to set your permissions and then it pushes you to upgrade there is annual 59.99 for annual or the risk monthly subscription and then yeah you can just start to drive so here you can just tap to add tribes if you want you can add a personal uh try for example like this you can choose the vehicle so yeah so for example Central something like that let's let's add it something like that and then I just can add this drive I can see how many miles it has and then uh yeah it's just added uh and then I can go there and probably edit it uh so then for example if I want to change it to personal or to business then like I can see number of payments available and the other but this app if you change your location to always be tracking it automatically will be tracking however of course your phone can be charging like you will need to charge your phone a lot I guess if you change your settings here um like yeah if you use smile iQ app and it should always track your location probably it will wear out your battery a bit I'm not sure about that just like my suggestion um so yeah that's that and then you just see this um then you have account settings you can allow notifications uh uh and then yeah here you can just see all other settings uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh you have you have some limited drives remaining per month if you want to get unlimited unlimited drives then you will need to go and upgrade so you'll need to upgrade here and works automatically in the in an upgraded version so yeah that's just an overview definitely cool app in this category

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