MILI Live Video Chat app overview

hello so here is melee live video chat app and it's in the top charts on the app store so let's just explore it to see like how it works like what the hype is about there are a bunch of apps in this category like omega or monkey app where you can just have like random video chat with strangers some apps are pretty spammy in this category it has to be said but other are not and others have like nice design and really like feel safe to use so let's just see here so what they say here that users must be 18 plus profile pictures are moderated sign up is facebook or email feel connected only real people in this app sometimes it's like really nice if there is some kind of like profile verification so you avoid like real spam accounts and you just know that you can video chat with real people so yeah here is how you can create an account if there is an option with apple id i'll just create that then you just enter your gender you can add your picture you need to give access to microphone camera and there you have it now you just need to tap to start chatting then there is like a chat here then there are online users and then there is your account um so yeah that's how it works so for example let's just uh you see the rules here then you can just accept someone okay so you can just see how this looks like um there are of course like uh um different kind of apps and people sometimes you just decide like why would you use this kind of app but yep and then you can just go to settings you can always delete or hide your account on your data you can yeah add the blur effect here so that's kind of interesting um coins you can get coins here this is the price and then you can just chat to online users so you can message or you can report to block someone or something like that so that's the idea hope that is helpful uh that's the app you can always edit your profile from here add more photos at about me at your interests something like that so yeah hope that is helpful and yeah thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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