let's try to create an account in mimic app so just tap next and then let's see all of the details here you can always just upgrade but there is also a free version and then you just can get started that's how it works then you can just create your profile so as you can see i didn't even start creating my profile so that's basically the idea and then you can just select any song and then [Music] you can add your selfie so you can just add a photo and then you can just choose a photo from camera so something like that that's the process and then you can see what a good photos for the like the best ones and then you can just use some songs here also it is possible to upgrade and get access to more sauce higher quality mimics faster generation time and no ads and before this app there was another viral app which it was called onebot.ai so that was the main app but now it's memicap so yep that's the idea hope it is helpful

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