Minds.com app - FULL OVERVIEW

Minds.com app - FULL OVERVIEW

Minds.com is one of the latest social networking apps that's recently emerged in the market. It's hitting the top charts in social networking and is available as an iOS app. As the name suggests, the app aims to provide social networking without any restrictions and assures internet freedom.

So, what makes Minds.com different from other social media apps? First of all, it's an open-source social network. The app lets you speak freely and protects your privacy. Additionally, it offers cryptocurrency rewards and a chance to take back control of your social media.

Minds.com's content algorithms, which are open-source, are a great feature that offers complete transparency and accountability. The app also offers several earning opportunities through its Minds token that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies and boost their reach through memes.

Creating an account on Minds.com app is pretty simple. Just invite your friends to create an account and create a Minds wallet. By using a referral link, you can earn a plus 10 score for your contribution. The platform offers features such as moments (similar to stories), a discovery feed, trending posts and photo sharing. It's almost like Twitter for the crypto community.

The app promises free speech, hence allowing users to post anything they want on the platform. Additionally, users can earn money by setting an offer amount and sending token offers to their favorite creators.

If you want to delete your account, then it's pretty easy to do so. Just go to your account settings and delete your account from there. However, it's essential to note that once you delete your account, it's not recoverable.

Minds.com also has a separate chatting app, known as Minds Chat, for users who want to chat with their friends in a secure and private way.

In conclusion, Minds.com app is a unique social networking platform that aims to provide users with complete freedom of speech and privacy. The app is available on iOS and as a website, and you can also download Minds Chat separately. The app promises transparency, accountability, and open-source content algorithms that offer maximum user freedom.

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