MISSING CHATS in Character.ai - what to do

Missing chats in Character AI app. It seems there was some kind of a bug and some users just basically don't have their chats in recent chats. For me, it's kind of okay. But make sure to update the app, make sure to restart the app and all of that. If you see some chats hidden, then to unhide chats you just need to:

  1. Go to explore.
  2. Find the chats which you were chatting with.

For example, if you have a chat and you want to add it to your chats:

  • Add the chat to your chats.
  • It will then appear.
  • You can hide the character.
  • To get it back, search for it.
  • Remember which chat was hidden and tap on it to make it reappear.

That's how you can restore your chats in the Character AI app. It might not be very user-friendly, but that's the process you can follow.

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