Moises app - can you export WITH VIDEO?

here is moises ai app and uh yeah just under the my video about it a lot of comments are around like can i export with the video i did export but it's only sharing the audio not saving it so here is the app it's amazing app where you can upload like audio track of course you need to buy it or you need to use the right copyright license and stuff like that but then you can remove vocals or can you remove specific instruments and then you can tap to export and then here is how you can select it and export it but it only exports audio file it doesn't export video file because recently it is possible to import to add media from your device's gallery from from your camera roll and then you can add video as well but i don't know how you you can export video from this app it only exports audio so maybe app developers watching it or maybe you figure it out just leave some comments below it's very popular request specifically about this app it's a very popular feature people would need so that's just my observation

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