Moments app - The art of living - how to create an account?

here is the app which is called moments The Art of Living the new Social Network it's very quickly climbing in the third top chart of the App Store so let's just install it moment's a vital Network that enhances your present past and future social life by providing moments and ways to live here and remember them so here's some previews you can choose how to experience every single moment in a different way leave it share it with your family and friends save it in the cloud remember anytime you want find other friends and add them to create shared moments earn Badges and collect them so yeah let's just open the app okay allow notifications and then I can just create an account uh so this Google Facebook or apple usually I just do it with apple because that's super fast and there you have it and then I can just tap to create a new moment okay so here's some of my laptop being created I just tap next just to showing and then I can just search Friends so something around it so then that's your account uh yeah so that's basically just a quick preview

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