Momentz video community - app overview

here is interesting app Moments video Community Suddenly It's just appeared into the top charts in the US App Store so just I'm just curious to see how it looks like and what this app is about it only has 1100 use and it says it's a video viewing the machine application that allows you to watch trending videos from users throughout the world view videos under captivating titles engage in interesting conversations and make new connections so here yeah you can just start so it's your native language then you can just select your native language so here you just need to agree uh then yeah so okay so then you can just start matching and seems like this app is like random video chat app and then you need to give access to your camera to so yeah okay all right so since you have the idea of the app so it's just like a random video chatting app uh you have you just start matching with people then you can just message them and that's basically the process if you go to Like Us app store you can see some of these apps just like randomly popping up like with different names but say all kind of look and do the same just like random video chat so I would also like advise you just sometimes to be careful when using those because they might be a bit scammy or completely scammy there are some like few quality apps out there but usually yeah in a few days they're just being populated with ads and some yeah but you can also just have fun with it so here is your profile settings you can also delete an account here in the bottom so that's just basically a quick overview

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