Monarch Money app - alternative to Mint app

Mint app, a popular money management tool, is shutting down, leaving users in search of alternative apps. One such app catching attention is Monarch Money. Co-founded by a team of individuals, Monarch Money is a subscription-based money manager app designed to assist customers in setting and achieving their financial goals.

To get started with Monarch Money, simply visit their website,, and tap to get started. Available as a website, as well as on iPhone and Android devices, Monarch Money offers a range of features to help users effectively budget and track their finances.

If you decide to download the app from the App Store, you will notice that it is still gaining popularity and does not have a substantial number of reviews at the moment. However, despite this, it has already made its way into the top 200 finance apps.

Creating an account with Monarch Money is a straightforward process. Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to select your reason for using the app and choose from a variety of options. Once completed, you can continue with the account creation process.

Upon your initial login, you will be required to upgrade to a free trial. Monarch Money offers two subscription options: a yearly plan for $100 or a monthly plan for $15. It is not immediately clear whether there is a free version or any alternative pricing options available.

If you decide to proceed with the free trial, it is important to note that it lasts for seven days. If you cancel your subscription within the trial period, specifically before the sixth day, you will not be charged. However, if you utilize the full seven-day trial and then cancel on the seventh day or later, you will still be charged.

Monarch Money presents itself as a potential alternative to Mint app, providing users with a subscription-based money management solution. While it may require a financial commitment, users can take advantage of the free trial to assess if the app meets their specific needs.

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