Money Network Mobile App - doesn’t work, buggy…

The Money Network mobile app, despite being featured in the top 200 finance apps in the US, has garnered mixed reviews and a rather low rating of 3.8. Users have reported various issues with the app, rendering it practically useless.

One of the most common complaints is that the app fails to update users' activity. Many have found that their transactions and account activities don't show up in the app, leaving them in the dark about their financial situation. Additionally, the app doesn't provide accurate information about available funds, further frustrating users.

Furthermore, transferring money from the app to a bank account is not possible, even though other apps offer this feature. Some users have even encountered difficulties when trying to use the app with Apple Wallet, while certain stores don't accept the associated card.

The app's performance is riddled with bugs and glitches. It often freezes and becomes unresponsive, making it impossible for users to sign in or access their accounts. This lack of reliable functionality has left many questioning the government's choice of this company to distribute stimulus money.

Unfortunately, the customer service provided by Money Network has also come under fire. Users have lamented the impossibility of reaching out for assistance, adding to their frustration. The app's frozen state and general inefficiency seem to be mirrored by its ineffective support system.

While the app itself seems to be plagued by numerous technical issues, it should be noted that users can attempt to contact customer support in hopes of resolving their concerns. To contact Money Network, users can call 1-888-913-0900, as indicated within the app.

In summary, the Money Network mobile app leaves much to be desired. Its low rating and negative feedback regarding its functionality, customer service, and overall performance suggest that users may want to explore alternative options for managing their finances.

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