MoneyGram app quick overview & how to use

hey there are so quick overview of MoneyGram app it's like one of the most popular apps to send money in us so yeah here you can just easily create an account before even creating an account you can just estimate uh what would be the price of sending money uh so yeah here you can just see an overview you need identification actually to to start sending money so yeah you need either some driver license state ID password or us residence permit like green card and then you can just easily scan it with your phone like that so yeah these are the types of documents uh yeah at the moment MoneyGram has some partnership with formula one and then actually you can access some exclusive content just yet here in the app then um yeah here you can just see some estimator so I want to send like 1000 USD and then the person will receive 918 Euro so then you will you just have this estimator right in the app payment method you can see credit card debit card online bank transfer receive method direct to bank account and then you can just change all of these like you want it faster but then you will have higher fees you want it slower but then it's almost like free so here you can see that it's like you're sending thousand dollars the fees are just 199. and MoneyGram is like one of the pretty cheap apps uh out there then actually you can invite friends and then you can earn some zero feed transfers there are some terms to it and then you can just so for example you can just use this code I just click here um so yeah just use that code and you will be able to get cheaper transfers um money plus Rewards uh so then you can just sign up for free Rewards program and earn discounts when you send money twenty percent of your second Cent applied automatically sap discount on your second transaction forty percent of every six cent how would you like to be notified about uh MoneyGram plus report and then you can just enable that basically that's the idea you can just also track uh track uh the your recent transaction so just enter your reference number your last name and then you can just say are you sending or receiving and then you just say send you're selecting that and then you're just tracking that of course if you're sending like cash pickup that's available almost instantly in other country if you're sending your bank transfer like we are like debit card it can take from one two two three business days so take some time and yeah sometimes it's just better to track it or no if you send it that someone did pick it up so it's like pretty handy um you can also just find the location what is the um closest uh MoneyGram location here um to you so yeah you can also do that uh so yeah that's basically you can also do that um and then whatever um so then you can also just pay bills search for a company to to so you can see here are some common companies where you can just buy bills [Music] so yeah that's basically a quick overview what this app is about uh you can always reach out to their support service live chat where you can just uh start chat and just ask for their support um so that's basically an overview hope that is helpful

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