MoneyGram - how to get a REFERRAL DISCOUNT and free transfer?

here is MoneyGram app and how to get a free transfer or how to get your referral discount and like basically your fee is gonna be zero so how to get your fees so as you can see if I want to send like hundred dollars or even like thousand dollars or ten thousand let's see okay still I have zero fees so I it's total cost if I'm sending from debit card directly to bank account and okay because it's a higher amount so if I want to say a thousand dollars and then still all my fees are zero as you can see so uh how uh did it happen well I just referred few people to this app and there are four uh I got like some referral discount and now my fees are waived uh so how to do it so when you create an account uh just go here and use this code so this is my code uh you can uh yeah uh invite with emails or whatever and this is for example that's what you can use it and then you can use my code for zero fees on your first transfer um uh so yeah if you can get free first transfer and then I also get in a free transfer so it's a win-win for both of us so just use this opportunity if you want to enjoy zero fee transfer um so yeah hope that is helpful so feel free to enjoy it

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