MoneyLion app quick overview

curious money lion app and I just created an account creating an account super easy you just enter your first last name email create password then trade the passcode like for Num four digits then here is like onboarding what you can get started with how can we help you get urgent cash improve your credit score build savings start investing get money tips from expert um so yeah like for example you can select this use case what would you like to get a version cash for and then for example that's what you can do here this is just like an app overview and then yeah then if you want to get into this option you can just Pro proceed there and add the details and here is just the whole app overview so here you can just see discover option you can see some recommended options for you like you can get up to five hundred dollars in instacash of course you just need to read super carefully through all the options there are no free money you know that and it's like you should be pretty careful with that then you have all this like feed these different people kind of like Instagram uh then uh you can just try out if you want more than five hundred dollars you can select like what I need to do to get like ten thousand um uh and then you can just check it out get mashed and get started so here for example you can just see what what can be your loan offer for example um yeah so something like that then you have this tab and again you can just borrow uh their alarms you can help you out to build your credit score insta cash car uh you can uh see and activate some deals here uh either use auto insurance mechanics if you want to trade in or sell your car there are a lot of Integrations with other apps Insurance lemonade app and it's like all of these apps are kind of integrated in this one app like travel um you can just sign up uh to like for example Hilton or some other website some other app through through this and then just get some discount and get some referral codes and and then yeah that's what you can do here um then there is home like uh some additional services so yeah that's basically the idea of this app is just combines all of these different services you can also pay that earn more um reduce bills cards you can have some different options with cards and then you can just earn more so here you can see like uh yeah so all of these Services you can just check them out and earn more Revenue results so yeah that's basically the idea then you have can have your accounts and also there are like crypto accounts here um and then uh you can earn cashback check your front door and cashback after every money online MasterCard purchase of ten dollars or more it's fun and rewarding and you can earn a cash back at mind your online Brands you can see some deals here and then there is can be your account by the way here is uh my initiation code so here you can just use my kind of tag to invite people [Music] so you you can just use ideal Android 823 to when just first time create an account in moneyline app then you can use that of course all these apps you should use only after like careful consideration and doing the other research this is not like a financial advice I'm just doing like an app overview just so you have an idea but this app is already quite high up in the in the App Store over 99 000 ratings so it seems pretty decent I hope it's not some scammy app but it's just good to organize and have some Financial ideas Financial research inside of this app um so yeah can be just nice a nice app to explore and to educate yourself a bit more

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