MoneyLion Go to Money app how to create an account?

okay there here is popular app called moneyline go to money app it has almost 100 000 ratings uh stopped in the top charts in the U.S finance app store category uh 12 million app users moneyline is the only money app you need Welcome to our finance app that provides tools to help you leave your best money Live use moneyline as your mobile banking app credit Builder Finance tracker and more we simplify all aspects of personal finance so you can maximize the power of your wallet from anywhere ready to make awesome decisions with your money just Access Credit Builder loans personal loan offers invest in financial tracking and more to help you achieve your goals get paid up two days early earn rewards manage money easily with moneyline and yeah so this is one of those apps like you know mobile first banking apps um and then you can just create your account easily here so to create an account just enter first name last name in my own password and then proceed these instructions

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