Moonriver MOVR crypto - what is it? Can you buy on Coinbase?

hello so what is moon river m o v r so that's uh more token um a moon beam companion network it was launched on the kusama network to provide an ethereum compatible smart contract platform to its users uh moonriver is a utility token of decentralized smart contract platform known as simulator network the motor token is used to maintain the windriver platform and plays a major role in incentivizing nodes facilitating governments payments related to transactions and other important functions uh so the basic principles behind the moon river network is to function as a smart contract platform that provides a one-stop hub to its users for redeploying ethereum dapps without the need of configuring them into a corona network so the moon river network provides evm implementation so i don't know like exactly how that works the vision behind moon river is the same as that of moon beam so a platform that supports multiple channels to facilitate a large number of users and assets [Music] a minimum of five more tokens can be staked on the network stacking means basically that if you hold this token you can earn some interest on it as i understand um so um there you have it um so like where can you buy it solas of course let's just check out like coinbase usually [Music] usually this kind of stuff is not available on coinbase but let's just see so moon river it's it's here but it's just not tradable unreal price so it went up a bit market cap [Music] you can see here so let's just check out like coin deco so i use coin eco to see where to buy the tokens some more okay so exchanges okay so you can bike it on cue coin on binance uh like solar or yeah so it's not an issue to get it so yeah there you have it uh so yeah

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