Moovit app - public transport live - how to use?

Here's an app called Moovit - public transport live. With this app, you can easily track all public transport schedules and routes. There are other similar apps like Citymapper, and now even Google Maps integrates these schedules into their app. If you're unsure about Apple Maps, they might also integrate these schedules. Moovit allows you to choose the best route, see nearby lines, find shared mobility services, and access arrival time and schedule tables, all of which contribute to a smoother journey.

To get started with Moovit, you need to sign up and enable notifications. There is also an option to upgrade to a premium version. While using the free version, you may encounter some annoying ads. Nevertheless, you can still compare all available routes to your destination in the app and see what works best for you.

To plan your journey, simply enter your destination and the app will display various route options. You can customize your preferences by selecting the best route with the least walking or the main transit types you prefer. If you're using the app for walking or cycling, you can even set options like a slow walking pace or a maximum walking duration. Moovit also offers additional filters for bike routes, walking routes, and shared mobility services such as electric bicycles, scooters, and car rentals.

The app allows you to sync your calendar and add a home or work location for easy navigation. You can explore different stops, see the lines and public transport options available in different areas. However, the availability of public transport options may vary from city to city. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of all the cities where Moovit operates, but it does work in Denmark, as shown in the video.

In summary, Moovit is a comprehensive app for tracking public transport schedules, routes, and arrival times. It offers various features to make your journey more convenient and efficient. If you're living in a city where Moovit operates, I encourage you to try it out and experience the benefits it brings to your daily commute.

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