MUBR - See what your friends listen - how to use? Full overview

MUBR - See what your friends listen - how to use? Full overview

There is a fascinating app called MUBR that allows you to see what your friends are listening to. So, how do you use it? The main concept behind this app lies in its widgets. Simply log in with your Spotify account (please note that Apple Music integration is not yet available), add your friends, and you will be able to see what they have recently listened to on Spotify in your feed. The coolest part is that you can install home screen or lock screen widgets to conveniently view your friends' recent Spotify activity. This app is a great way to discover what your friends have been listening to, share funny reactions, and have all of your friends' music in one place.

MUBR is a widget that displays live songs from your best friends directly on your home screen. Not only can you see what your friends are listening to on Spotify, but now it also supports Apple Music. This means that your best friends will see what you're listening to on both platforms. It's a fantastic way to stay connected with your friends and keep up with their current musical interests.

To get started, you need to install the app and add the widget to your home screen. Share your invite link with your friends, and when they listen to Spotify or Apple Music, their songs will instantly appear on MUBR. If you want full access and unlimited features, you can subscribe to the pro membership for just $4 per month.

Within the app, you will find a friends tab where you can see the recent activity of your added friends. You can also react to their songs by sending a reaction or emoticon. The app allows you to see recently played songs, liked songs, and provides two separate categories for each. To view more content, you may need to upgrade your membership.

Adding friends is simple. In the friends tab, you can choose to give the app access to your contacts or share a link with your friends to connect with them. While there isn't a global discovery feature to search for people, you can easily filter through your contacts to find and add friends.

If you want to remove or delete friends from your list, go to the top right corner and tap on your icon. From there, you can manage your friends and delete them if desired. Additionally, you can easily delete your account and change your name, which is how your friends will see you on their widgets.

Now let's talk about how to install the widgets. Begin by tapping and holding the screen, then tap the plus icon in the top left corner. Search for "MUBR widget" and tap "add widget" to install the home screen widget. This widget allows you to see which songs your friends have recently listened to. Unfortunately, it's unclear how to select specific friends for the widget. It seems to automatically update and show different friends' activity. There is also an option to add a luxury widget by going to settings and customizing your wallpaper. Search for MUBR and install the widget.

The app also features Spotify Pie, where you can see your top artists and share them to Instagram. Furthermore, there is a playlist feature called "feed" that functions like Tinder for music discovery. Swipe through different songs, like or skip them, and if you like a song, it will be added to your playlist. You can also play songs on Spotify and explore various filters such as popularity, energy, and happiness within the feed feature.

While the app offers additional features, the main highlight is the widgets. It's important to note that for home screen widgets, you need at least iOS 14, and for lock screen widgets, you need iOS 16, which means you'll need an iPhone 10 or newer. Overall, MUBR is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on your friends' music preferences and share your own. It offers a faster and more personalized way to discover music compared to opening Spotify and navigating to specific sections. It's surprising that Spotify itself hasn't developed a similar feature yet.

Give MUBR a try and explore its features. If you are a music enthusiast who enjoys sharing music with friends, the app's subscription price of $4 per month is reasonable. While it would be great to see a one-time payment option for lifetime access, the current offer is still quite affordable. So, if you're interested in seeing what your friends are listening to and sharing your music, MUBR is definitely worth a try.

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