Multi Snap not showing every time I restart SnapChat app

I recently encountered a peculiar issue with the Snapchat app. Every time I restart the app, I noticed that the "Multi Snap" feature is no longer available. At first, I thought it was a glitch unique to my device, but upon further investigation, it seems that others are experiencing the same problem.

When I go into the menu, I can see that the Multi Snap option is there. However, as soon as I restart the app, the option disappears. This happens even if I perform simple maintenance tasks such as clearing the app's cache or restarting my phone. It's puzzling because just a day ago, Multi Snap was fully functional on my Snapchat account. Now, it vanishes without any explanation.

I tried searching for solutions online, and while some called it a "hack," it was more like advice. One suggestion I found was to log out of my Snapchat account and log back in. Surprisingly, this method did bring back the Multi Snap option. However, as soon as I turned off my phone or performed any similar actions, the feature would vanish once again. It's frustrating because there is no official information from Snapchat regarding the issue.

At this point, I am unsure whether this is a deliberate removal of the Multi Snap feature or a bug that Snapchat needs to address. The lack of clarity from Snapchat's official channels makes it difficult to determine what exactly is happening. It creates confusion among users who are accustomed to using Multi Snap regularly.

For now, the only temporary fix seems to be logging out and logging back into your Snapchat account. While this might restore the Multi Snap feature, it is not a permanent solution as it disappears again upon phone restart or similar events. It's crucial for Snapchat to acknowledge and resolve this matter promptly to provide a seamless user experience.

If you're experiencing the same problem, I recommend trying the log out and log back in method as a temporary workaround until Snapchat finds a solution. Stay tuned for any updates on this issue as we eagerly await a response from Snapchat's official channels.

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