Multi Snap removed from SnapChat?

There have been recent reports suggesting that Multi Snap, a popular feature on Snapchat, has been removed from the platform. Users started experiencing difficulties with Multi Snap on February 8th, which led to speculation about its removal. However, several articles have clarified that Multi Snap has not been taken away and is still available to users. It is possible that there are some server issues causing certain features, such as Multi Snap, to be temporarily unavailable.

Alternatively, it is also plausible that Snapchat is undergoing a significant update to the Multi Snap feature. This could explain why some users are unable to access it at the moment. Fortunately, there are still users who have access to Multi Snap and are able to demonstrate its functionality.

To use Multi Snap, open the Snapchat app and tap on the camera icon. On the top right corner of the interface, you should see the Multi Snap feature in the sidebar. However, if you don't have it displayed, you can manually add it by enabling it through the settings. Once you have enabled Multi Snap, you can take photos, edit them, and send them as usual. The feature allows you to select multiple Snap segments and send them together.

Though it may currently be inaccessible for some users due to technical issues or updates, Multi Snap continues to work for those who still have access to it. Snapchat users can expect the feature to return to normal soon.

In conclusion, while there have been reports of issues with Multi Snap on Snapchat, it is important to note that the feature has not been removed entirely. It is likely that there are temporary technical difficulties or an ongoing update that is causing the inconvenience. Snapchat users are advised to remain patient and await the resolution of these issues in order to continue enjoying the Multi Snap feature.

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