Muze Canvas - HOW TO ADD WIDGET on iPhone?

so to add muse canvas app widget you just tap on add friends in top left tap on your icon and then here you have how to add widgets section so then you're just redirected to like support apple article so where what you can do okay let's i will just show you around so uh tap and hold until on your screen it can be home screen on any other screen depending where you want this widget to appear so all these apps are now start jiggling in top left or top right there will be a plus icon depending on your iphone model in your iphones it's top left and then here you just have like muse so then you can just add this widget share simple creations to your friend's home screen and then just tap add widget um so yep and there you have it now your widget is installed and then you can just tap on it and oops and and then just add some photos um so that's that's the idea uh yeah so then you can just tap here you can take a photo you can add some textures or as you know um you can add some other things you can make it better automatically or there are a lot of these filters and then okay anyways and then you can just send select to who you want to send it out either to me steam or like these are the friends which will receive it so if your friend installed this widget i just showed you on on their screen they will receive this picture in real time from you so that's how it works

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