muzmatch - dating for muslims - app overview

hello everyone so here is moose match app which is a dating app for muslims so let's go through how it works uh so basically it looks like tinder you just create your account and that can be like your profile uh yeah you you can just create your account for free you don't need like to pay any money or to upgrade um so that's that uh to verify your account and get access to the chat you just need to leave your email leave your phone leave yourself in specific position and then add some like some etiquette checkbox and there you have it then you will have access to account and then this app is specifically designed for dating muslims so if you're in that category maybe this app can be like super helpful for you because it's one of the most popular apps in this niche because for some people maybe tinder is too broad and if you know like exactly what you want in your partner then maybe just try out specific apps like this one so here for example there are also filters in top left so you can set up edge you can yeah limit your location by specific country or by you distance to enable your location obviously then if you're muslim you just select site here then there is ethnicity lumps are some preferences um so yeah something like that uh then you can explore just all of that you can see who visited you who passed uh who you passed who you liked how you blocked so that's an interesting menu then there are also messages here so this is where you can chat and there are all these chats but again to get access to chats you just need to uh to verify your identities and there is your account uh which you can see here then there are filters and preferences again and there are settings so to create an account is super easy you just sign up use apple id or visa with google facebook so that's standard then you can i just sign up use apple id to show off in my previous video that's like super simple then you can just log in with facebook yeah so that's that then there are all different kinds of settings here lock on exit set the pin to to lock app when you're exiting the app so nobody else can access that what is shaper on so enter enter your email here and once confirms i will receive weekly transcripts of your chats on moose match so that's a specific muslim feature then you can change language uh this language is available of course there are a lot of languages from countries where there are many muslims and then there are account settings uh if you didn't verify your account you actually can't be shown on moose might so you need still to upload yourself and all of that and then you can just enable xiaomi on moose match then after you did that you can also just hide your profile and then in the bottom you can just tap the activate account if you don't like that and then here are all the options which you can do and you just submit in the bottom so that's the idea basically that's it hope it is helpful [Music] yep thank you for watching

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