MxM News app - pros & cons, bugs - should you use it?

so i make some news app was released and i'm just going through reviews just trying to figure out if people like it or not because this app tries to position itself as a source of like neutral news which is like definitely one of the issues right now in social media where people don't really a lot of audiences don't really trust like mine news channels mine news medias like either cnn or fox news so there is just a massive demand for some like neutral app or media which will just provide news and nothing else like you know without additional opinions so maybe this is a nice drive is this app um just looking here what a pros and cons of it so of course the process a try to you know be neutral in categories and just be neutral and share news but as you can see there are also some disadvantages so people say that sometimes this app is quite raw and it just has few categories just very few so for example if i go here and i try to select some category um so yeah here is also this half two section which is nice um and but as i can see there are only like few categories um and that's it i don't know if you can add more categories and all of that um so maybe they will be able to add more but that's that on the other side there is seems are not that many bugs and the app is working quite smoothly quite okay however it's also just like a simple app i think so as you can see here um yeah this app basically just links to to other news sources so it doesn't produce its own news and for me it's just interesting how this algorithm works how exactly do you select like these new sources uh you know and how do you know that they are like really the good ones or you know verified or or you know all of that or is just like a news aggregator similar to apple news or google news but then apple of course or google they have much better ai algorithms but there you have it but a lot of good reviews here from this audience nice excellent clear concise useful news there are some glitches but hopefully developers working on that so some people say that i'm not very tech savvy couldn't figure it out how to use it i signed up and opened it and got a black page and some techno and i couldn't get rid of that so i deleted the app so overall the good reviews usually it's rare that the new app has uh you know good reviews because on the launcher usually we'll have quite a lot of back bugs some people write that like too many ads uh way too many ads here though modern one like half of the screen is ads pop-up subscription buttons and so on um no landscape view on ipad and i will not allow passing of password from yeah so uh that's that uh so there are some glitches it says uh every time i open any news i just see black screen with no way out the turning of iphone so yeah uh no landscape mode and it's just portrait mode so people that's another uh that's another glitch like which people need because you know a lot of these news some people might be even older audience they just prefer to read this news on ipad instead of iphone and you know you can just sit in your chair or something just open ipad just scrolls and use but of course you want to do that in landscape mode not like not just in vertical mode holding your ipad vertically so it's a popular feature it's not available yet so there you have it anyways that's the overview of pros and cons if you have any solutions or any like that just leave it in the comments below also visit my website mr hector there is i have like a forum where you can ask all these questions and probably find the solution thank you for watching

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