My Ai Chatbot in SnapChat - what is the difference between clearing from chat feed and unpinning?

Recently, I've been exploring AI chatbots in Snapchat and I stumbled upon some interesting features. In this article, we'll be discussing the nuances between clearing an AI chatbot from your chat feed and unpinning it.

Firstly, what is an AI chatbot in Snapchat? It's a computer program that uses messaging as a platform for communicating with users. The chatbot can converse with users, answer FAQs, and perform various tasks like booking a restaurant reservation or ordering a ride.

Now, let's move on to the difference between clearing from the chat feed and unpinning the chatbot. When you unpin an AI chatbot, it will still be at the top of your chat feed until you message other people. Slowly, it will move down as you message more people. But, if you clear the chatbot from your chat feed, it will instantly go to the bottom of the list. This means that you won't see the chatbot again unless you scroll all the way down. Unfortunately, Snapchat recently removed the option to clear AI chatbots from the chat feed, leaving users with only the option to unpin it.

There is a "drama" element to this matter. Apparently, Snapchat tries to push users to keep their AI chatbots pinned at the top, which can be frustrating. Additionally, the only way to unpin it is to upgrade to Snapchat Plus. This may seem like upselling, but it's worth noting that Snapchat Plus offers various features that may be useful to some users.

To summarize, although it is no longer possible to clear AI chatbots from your chat feed, you can still unpin them to make them less prominent. While AI chatbots can be helpful to some people, they can also be a nuisance if you don't want them at the top of your chat feed. Snapchat Plus is an option for those who want to continue using their AI chatbots while having access to additional features.

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