My Ai on free SnapChat vs. SnapChat Plus - what is the difference? How to delete?

Snapchat has been a popular app among young adults and teenagers, and it has continued to dominate the social media market since its inception. However, many users have been curious about the difference between the AI feature of the free Snapchat app and its paid counterpart, Snapchat Plus.

One YouTuber, in his video, decided to explore this difference in his own way. He explained that he had an AI on both the free and paid versions of Snapchat, and he wanted to see the difference between the two.

Firstly, he tested out the Snapchat Plus account. He went to the settings and unpinned his AI. He then sent a message and noticed that the AI message slowly moved down in the list of chats.

This experiment then continued to the free account of Snapchat. Here, he explained how the AI is, by default, pinned to the top, with no option to unpin it. The option could not be found in the settings or in the chat feed.

Therefore, the difference between the AI feature on the two Snapchat versions is that only the paid Snapchat Plus version allows you to unpin your AI feature. The YouTuber shared that he hoped that the free version would have an option to remove the AI feature, but alas, it is not currently possible.

So, the bottom line is that if you want to have greater control over your AI feature, it is recommended to upgrade to Snapchat Plus. However, it's important to note that Snapchat may change their policies in the future and with it, the functionality of their free and paid AI features.

In conclusion, though the difference between the two features may seem minor, they can be important for some users. The ability to unpin the AI feature can make a significant difference in keeping one's chat feed organized. For those seeking more control over their AI feature, upgrading to Snapchat Plus is the way to go.

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