My friends disappeared from BeReal.. Is it a bug?

For some reason, my friends disappeared from BeReal. So this is an account, I wasn't actually using this account that much, maybe for the last few months, but then I just logged back into my BeReal just to check it out as there are some new features and then I'm looking to the friends, and then it's like all the friends are gone, basically.

There are just like one person, two people. Yeah, just there's basically one account, and just I'm testing it out. Yeah, so it's quite weird. I already had more than like 15 friends or something, and then they're just all gone. So either they just removed me, but I wasn't posting anything, or yeah, I don't know. Yeah, that's just basically what happened.

Maybe if you're not active on BeReal, BeReal automatically removes non-active profiles from your friendships or something like that. So I don't have an idea what's happening. Maybe there was some kind of bug. I'm doubting that all the people could just remove me like at once. So I'm just curious if it happened to you as well. Yeah, just leave some suggestions in the comments.

There could be various reasons why the friends disappeared from the user's BeReal account. Let's examine a few possible explanations:

  1. BeReal's Automatic Removal Policy: It is possible that BeReal has a policy in place where inactive profiles are automatically removed from your friends list. This could explain why the user's friends disappeared if they hadn't been active on the platform for a while.
  2. Technical Glitch or Bug: Another possibility is that there was a technical glitch or bug in the BeReal system. Bugs can occasionally cause unexpected behaviors or changes, such as the sudden disappearance of friends from an account. It's important for the user to report this issue to BeReal's support team so they can investigate and resolve it.
  3. User Action: It's also worth considering whether the user inadvertently removed their friends or changed their privacy settings, leading to the disappearance of their friends from their BeReal account. Double-checking the account settings and reaching out to individual friends can help shed some light on this possibility.

To address this issue, the user has reached out to the BeReal community, asking if others have experienced a similar friend disappearance. By encouraging suggestions in the comments, the user hopes to gather insights or potential solutions from other BeReal users who might have encountered a similar scenario.

If you're a BeReal user and have experienced something similar, make sure to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Together, we can help uncover the cause behind these disappearing friends and potentially find a solution. Stay tuned for updates as BeReal investigates the matter and resolves any underlying issues.

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