My Love - Relationship Counter - app overview

so here is this app Milo relationship counter and this app is very simple the idea is that it just shows how long you and your partner have already been together it creates universities like 330 Third Day the 50th months and uh yeah and then with the in-app purchase my allow Pro widget for the iOS home screen so the cool thing here is that you can just install uh uh um install the widget so now for example this is how the app looks like you can see settings you can add your names you can now add a custom picture choose from default pictures uh you can then delete relationship data and then you can just see my lower Pro so then you can just add the widget here so yeah if you want to upgrade that's I don't know if it's a monthly payment or okay it's one time charge 3.99 so it's not expensive and then you basically you will just see this counter okay some people won't like it but instead of just going to the app you will just see this widget and if you really enjoy you know spending time with a partner you will just easily see that widget right on your home screen which can just notify you hey like we are together for you know 300 days or something like that so it's pretty cool idea I don't know if they have lock screen videos on the home screens but there you have it

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