My Love - Relationship Counter - how to install homescreen widget?

hey there so here is my low relationship counter app and to install widget you need to go to your icon in top left and then you need to upgrade to my log Pro which is like 3.99 but it's one time purchase um yeah it's not a monthly recurring payment one-time purchase and after that you'll be able to install the widget so if you just tap and hold then you can just and then install my log widget and then it will just uh display something like that you can see different sizes there is some typo here by the way there is a bug but anyhow you can see for example like this uh um but yeah it kind of looks nice but it's not available in the free version so there you have it it says the widget has to be unlocked by the in-app purchase my allow Pro so that's the idea yeah so something like that hope that's helpful

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