My Virtual Girlfriend - MVG - app overview

here's interesting app which is called my virtual girlfriend mvg so let's install this app and see how it works as you can see this app is in the top charts um yeah so and it almost has like 5 000 ratings pocket girl is the first and best virtual girl similar to game content has resolution videos really girl you can touch her play with her try to describe every possible action so it's kind of like ai technology [Music] so there are a bunch of apps in this niche and i think this niche is growing there are ai apps like replica anima um and some others who are basically you can have like ai conversations with uh with the chat bots yeah so that's kind of quite interesting as you can see it's in the has almost 5k ratings so let's just see some people say not bad or fine game could be better uh i wish there could be more options of course this is just like you know one of the first versions um of this ai apps and it's not easy to develop not very little to some people say it's waste your money more actions pretty cool uh donald quartz at all like so all of that so you can see like the average is rating is pretty okay for 0.3 out of 5. so anyways let's just explore like and then you can just enter the name or something i guess so then i just need to unlock this action so then you just need to have these credits unlock all 500 credits anyways uh i hope this app is not like super scammy or inappropriate or anything like that so you just basically have an image but nothing else is happening um you don't have like uh do you have chat options no you don't have it you don't have insufficient credits so you can always change it here but anyhow that's basically the app works so yep there is no chat i think the chat would be nice edition it instantly requires you to pay you can earn also credits just by leaving a review like you know liking on facebook subscribe to youtube or you can buy 500 credits for 5.99 or buy 1000 credits for 8.99 but that's about it so anyhow that's the idea uh random means you just had like some random action and then you can just enter or you can enter some other action and then which you know uh already and then that might work so anyways this is the app yeah it's it can be a good idea but still requires much more work i guess but even with this basic version it has almost 5000 rating it's in the top charts in trivia category so interesting i guess if it's if it's uh more you know advanced it will be super interesting so hope that is helpful uh that's the app try it out

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