MyBlock app full overview & how to use

there here is my blog app from hrb tags group it's in stop constantly in the charts in finance and this is the the app which can help you to risk taxes you can organize your tax returns some legal agreements employment income interest income and get a maximum tax refund possible so like especially if you're you know don't have a lot of experience with taxes definitely try out this app so just open it up and then you can just find it here you can find a like that's the overview is super easy to create an account just enter your email and password and front Us phone number it's not available in all countries so there's just specific countries Like Us Canada Switzerland UK I guess like few others but not all around the world and then yeah just like an overview starts on your taxes how much help would you like I want to taxpro to do it so you can just connect in person virtually uh so for example like this and then and then you can just set up an appointment is a virtual drop files at an office or on one on one in office so of course you need to pay for that it's not included in the app but starting at 85 dollars so that's that then there is free credit score that's what you also can get in this app get your 100 free credit score and that's uh that's some outsourced additional service Landing tree where you can just get that self-employed 1099 worker gig worker here's what you should know and there is like a lot of Articles a little bit like knowledge Base Bar you can just edit educate yourself then here basically in the second tab you can just have all your taxes applauded and just view all your documents prior years next year and then you can also see your finances uh available so you can also discover Spruce app so yeah just like a quick overview of the app guys like you have to for you to have understanding what to expect and then yeah you can just add more documents and then you can just tap upload and then you can just upload text documents to match your plot the documents we just secure my block account please provide the requested information below and then you can just provide some additional information from here um so yeah that's basically what you can do how you can get started with the app here is your account um uh so yeah that's basically uh how it works that's just super quick overview of the account and hope that is helpful

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