Navan app - former TripActions - app overview

so here is Navan app and it's just going viral in the news um as it's she did a Rebrand and most importantly it's integrated so open II features GPT features so here I can just select uh where I want to go so for example uh you can just allow that and this is an app for um for business travel to I don't know uh so for example like that then you can just select this and then you can just tap search so that's basically the purpose of this app you can search for flights hotels bookings um like that but it's just introduce this new uh assistant so for example let's say if I just want to get this and I want to get some of this destinations and then here is some of the details add trip details um so yeah that's basically how it works then there are trips which you can see here invite them please to book on the company platform Define trial policies and drive travel spanned so here you just basically can create a new trip for or for companies uh and then invite employees to to book travel together Define yeah track travel span with robust reporting reports so yeah this is the app basically if you have a company you want Andrea like you need to travel with your office or with your team somewhere it's like one of the best apps actually to to book that and organize it all together because otherwise if you just book it personally we are Google flights or something like that then it's just a bit more cumbersome and it's just a bit more uh like hard to do it but here I'm just looking for some of that up so it seems there is no yet this chat GPT integration because that's the whole point that this app might then use here because yeah it's just uh uh there you can have a trip actions amps for supervisors Nevada brand and open AI integration uh and it's just integrated this open AI API uh so yeah they're just pushing out all these press releases and there is a lot of interest for actually having that travel app where you can just chat kind of in the messenger with the bot and you will have all the bookings and everything just organized for you just like hey I want to go here for these days and I want to have to have this hotel booked in this range and just can you just do it for me and then it's like boom there you have it so you like or you can just spell that so yeah I think that's the direction where it's all going and it's like super exciting but this is just another one app over you

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